Welcome to Kingsway Elite! Registration is Now Open for the 2019-2020 Season!! Register now for our 1st Annual Golf Outing!

Planning Committees–Help Needed

  • Want to be part of the Kingsway Elite Planning? Join a Committee.

We need your help to keep our organization great! Join in with other parents to help make it a successful, fun year for our cheerleaders.  Volunteers are needed to keep the organization running smoothly and allow for more fun opportunities for the girls.

When you sign up for a committee you will:

  • Be part of planning and executing, if need be, different areas of the organization that keep it running and make it such an awesome activity for our girls!
  • Meeting monthly if needed (location and time to be determined by the committee.)


Events: This committee will be responsible for getting the needed info, making the connections, planning and running team events.  Some of these events may include parades, showcase, pictures, the bow ceremony, community service days, town days, etc.

Fundraising: This committee will be responsible for planning and running the much-needed fundraising to get us the money we need for practice time, competitions, advertising, etc.  Some of these events will be the Beef & Beer, Golf Outing, getting team sponsorships, mums and poinsettia sale, etc. This committee will also keep track of individual sponsorships and monies raised through fundraisers.

Marketing: This committee will accountable for making and distributing marketing materials including flyers, yard signs, etc., and obtaining content to be put on social media.

Being a committee member does not have to be a huge commitment or a lot of work.  We’d like it to be fun for all involved! To sign up email Suzanne Esfahani with which committee(s) you’d like to be a part of at kingswayelite@comcast.net.  If you don’t want to commit and sign up but would like to help out on occasion please email and let us know. We will email you when help is needed.

Thank you so much!  We look forward to working together to make this organization and your daughter’s experience with us a great one!

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