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Kingsway Elite Cheerleading Information

Practices – Team practices will begin in the beginning of September and run thru February.  Practices will be held primarily at cheerleading facilities in Sewell and Blackwood, NJ.  Attendance at all practices is mandatory. Most teams practice two nights a week.  Practice days will be determined based on coach and gym availability.

Teams – All new members and returning members will be evaluated in June 2019.

 Attendance – Unexcused absences from practice, Rec basketball or competition will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from the team. If a cheerleader is absent more than 3 times, they will not be granted Priority Registration for the following year and/or may be dismissed from the team.  For each time a cheerleader is late to a practice (more than 15 minutes) it will be documented by the coach.  If a cheerleader is late 3 times that will equal 1 absence.

Fall competition season – The Fall competition season will run November thru February.  The teams will compete in 5 to 7 scheduled competitions throughout the fall season.  A tentative competition schedule will be sent as soon as it is finalized by the coaches.  Most competitions are held Saturdays and Sundays.  Additional competitions may be added.  Separate fees may apply for these competitions (ex: Battle at the Boardwalk / Reach the Beach). Every child will be expected to attend all of the scheduled competitions and practices.

Travel – Most competitions are located within an hour and a half  to two hours from Woolwich, NJ.  This past year, some of our competitions were located in Wildwood, Newark, Delaware, Lancaster, PA, and Ocean City, MD.  Families are not required to stay overnight but you may if you like.

Additional Costs – Additional costs will be bloomers and cheer shoes.

Basketball cheering – In addition to our fall season, we also cheer for East Greenwich Youth Basketball in the winter, usually January and February.   Attendance at these games is mandatory.   Attendance policy will apply to basketball cheer.

Uniforms –  Uniforms shall remain the property of Kingsway Elite Cheerleading and will be collected at the end of the season.


  • Registration Fee, uniform rental, hair bow, practice facility rental, competition fees, choreography, music and mandatory camp.            
  •    Registration: 
    • Early Registration: Ends May 1 ~ $175
    • Regular Registration: May 2-May 31 ~ $200
    • Late Registration: June 1-June 7 ~ $225

Additional Payment Schedule:

June 30:  $200  ~  July 30: $200  ~  August 30:  $200*     

*$100 discount given to second child (August payment will be $100 for second child)

**Please contact Kingsway Elite if you have 3 or more children participating.

**NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER JUNE 30, 2019 for any reason. No exceptions. 


  • Payments should be made by check written out to “Kingsway Elite” and sent to Kingsway Elite, PO Box 394, Swedesboro NJ 08085 or online at www.kingswayelite.org. However, all Paypal transactions will incur a 3.5% transaction fee. This fee is automatically built into the fees in the dropdown menu. In order to avoid the fees, please send payments via check to Kingsway Elite address above. All payments must be postmarked by due dates in order to avoid late fees, as well as receive special pricing for registration. 
  • All fees must be paid in full by their due date. A $25 late fee will be added to all accounts that have not paid by the 10th of the following month. Any child with an outstanding balance will not be eligible to practice with the team until the balance is paid. Failure to pay will result in removal from the team.

Additional parent expenses may include cheer sneakers and bloomers. In addition, it is possible that end of year competitions such as Reach the Beach or Battle at the Capital may be additional charge.

Kingsway Elite Code of Conduct for Parents & Athletes

Any negative discussion about other teams, coaches, board members, athletes, or any other members of the organization will not be tolerated.

Sportsmanship is expected of every cheerleader and parent, at all times, especially while we are at the gym or competitions.

Athletes/Parents should be a role model of good sportsmanship showing respect for all Coaches, Volunteers, Officials, Players, Parents/Guardians, Opponents, and Kingsway Elite Board Members.

Parents/Guardians will recognize the importance of Volunteer Coaches and support the program.

Athletes/Parents will respect all Coaches decisions with regard to any and all team issues. Any disagreement with a coach should be emailed to the board.

Athletes/Parents will not engage in unacceptable behavior toward or involving other Coaches, Volunteers, Officials, Players, Parents/Guardians, or Kingsway Elite Board Members while at any Kingsway Elite related sporting event, practice, or meeting.

Unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to the following: using foul or abusive language or gestures, physical or verbal confrontations or fights, slanderous or libelous remarks or statements, threats, intimidation, or crimes punishable by Civil or Criminal Laws.

Participant / Parents agree to uphold the East Greenwich and Woolwich Twp Sports Code of Conduct Ordinance.  Any infraction of this Code of Conduct may result in Disciplinary Action by the Kingsway Elite Board of Directors, up to and including immediate expulsion from the Kingsway Elite Rec Cheer organization.

Social Media

No videos of practice, competitions or routines should be posted anywhere at any time.

No private accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, musically) with the Kingsway Elite name or team names are permitted to be used or created by any member other than Kingsway Elite Board.

Negative posts about Kingsway Elite, its athletes, coaches, or board members, another program, or another child in our program will not be tolerated.

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